The Complete Retirement “Sherpa” Experience

We liken financial planning to a mountain expedition. The years before retirement are the “ascent” toward the summit when you are accumulating wealth and preparing. In the years after retirement, you descend the mountain as you draw against your retirement funds. Many people do not recognize how much careful planning and execution is required to be successful on both sides of the mountain. We work with our clients in three ways.


It’s begins with a plan. Before climbing a mountain, you map out your expedition, identify which trails you will follow, and list all of the gear and supplies you will bring. You would also think about the weather and other conditions that could necessitate a change in plans.

Goal setting and map/plan design
Retirement Income projections
Stress-testing different routes and strategies
Personal risk score and income style
Spending and budgeting analysis

Gear/Portfolio Check

You would not climb a mountain with faulty gear or inadequate supplies. With respect to your retirement, whether you are on your way up the mountain or on the way down, we ensure that you have what you need.

Portfolio risk score and audit
Complete insurance audit
Social Security and Medicare
Income planning and tax optimization
Personalized “gear” outfitting

Sherpa Guide

After you have checked your gear and mapped out your path, there is much you cannot anticipate. No two mountain peaks are the same, and no two people have the same financial opportunities and challenges. Do you have the proper level of training and experience to navigate the mountain on your own?

A Sherpa stays with you from beginning to end, guiding you through each leg of the journey and showing you how to avoid the hazards you otherwise might miss.

24/7 Online client portal & plan access
Financial GPS & document vault
Cash flows & budgeting
Quarterly reviews and updates
Regular rebalancing and reassessment