The Ascent

The years before retirement can be likened to the journey up the mountain. We think of the last 5-10 working years as the final climb to the summit. During the working years, our goal is to help you maximize your accumulation while protecting against the unexpected…and helping you enjoy life during the working years.

Budgeting and income protections

The financial decisions you make during your working years going up the mountain will compound on your way down. Our role is to show you how much progress you’re making toward your goals and the likelihood of success on your current trajectory. We can help you determine what lifestyle you can afford today and what you will be able to maintain after you retire.

Insurance and asset protection

We need to protect all the assets in your financial plan- tangible and intagible- from unexpected events that could derail your progress, such as job loss or the death or disability of a primary income earner. We will put the right mix of insurance policies in place, making sure you are not overpaying or buying coverage you don’t need.

Investments and tax planning

As you ascend the mountain toward retirement, one ongoing challenge is determining the appropriate level of risk, while also minimizing tax liability as you grow your wealth. Investing in line with your risk tolerance is one of the keys to success in retirement.

Get Started Now

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