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“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom.” -E.O. Wilson

("If you're looking for've come to the right place!" - Mike Hood)

Why Hood Financial?

Not all advisers and firms are created equal.  Knowing who to trust can be difficult, but not impossible.  Do you go with a big name national firm or a smaller local group?  These, and many other questions you must consider and yes, it does take a little bit of time, effort, and doing your homework.  So, why choose to work with Hood Financial over anyone else?  

Our clients can answer that best.  Just ask them.  We're happy to put you both in touch so you can learn more about their experience in working with us.  While situations vary individually from client to client, here are just some of the reasons our clients have chosen to partner with Hood Financial to accomplish their financial and retirement goals.

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Michael D. Hood

More than 30 years' experience specializing in creating a "worry-free" retirement for his clients.

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Everyone Has A Risk Number... What's Yours?

Watch this video to learn how we leverage Nobel Prize winning science to engineer your portfolio’s risk to fit you.

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Retirement Savings Dilemma

Watch this video to learn how to get the most from your retirement savings and create a steady and consistent income stream.

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"We Fix Portfolios!"

Do you have enough confidence in your existing adviser to allow for a second opinion?  What about your Portfolio?

At Hood Financial, we always make the assumption that the other advisers you may be working with are putting your interests ahead of their own.  But, what if they're not?  And, how would you know?  It's very easy to find out.  We love doing these audits for new clients because, based on our experience, we pretty much know what we're going to find.  Most of the time, it ain't pretty.

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