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Why Hood Financial?

10 Reasons Why Clients Hire Hood Financial

Fiduciary Care
Big differences exist between a broker and an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR). While both can provide investment advice and strategies, only an Investment Advisor Representative acts as a Fiduciary, providing a higher standard of care.  As such, Mike is bound by his IAR Fiduciary Registration to make recommendations with your best interest in mind.

At Hood Financial, we have no conflicts of interest and offer no proprietary products. We have the freedom and objectivity to choose from among a wide range of solutions which are most appropriate to your situation.  For those who are eligible, we offer a unique performance based fee approach in how we charge portfolio management fees.  We only get paid if your account goes up.

Experience and Knowledge
Mike has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry and has extensive expertise helping clients achieve a worry-free retirement. (Please see “Our Credentials")  He also brings many years’ experience as a business owner and entrepreneur.  He knows firsthand the meaning of adversity, faith, discipline and success, and readily shares his experience and lessons learned with clients.

Long-Term Relationships
At Hood Financial, we are dedicated to gaining the trust and respect of both you and your other professional advisors.  We strive to create long-term relationships which encourage open and honest communication.  An overwhelming majority of our clients have been with us for over 20 years.  We also make it a top priority to develop relationships with your entire family to help assure consistency and continuity for generations to come.

Mike enjoys sharing his vast knowledge. His guiding principle is to inform and educate each client.  He personally educates you as much as you like in order to feel comfortable, confident and in control of your financial world.  This leads to better decision making and confidence in knowing you're on the right path. The financial, investment, and tax landscape can change quickly, while new tax laws and emerging market and economic trends help provide investment opportunities.  Mike believes that education is key to being a good steward of your wealth.

Photographic Memory
One of the company's mottos is; "You will not be forgotten at Hood Financial!"  Mike has been blessed with a photographic memory and has immediate recall of almost every client’s personal situation and the financial solutions he’s presented over the last 30 years.  These qualities makes him well suited for the financial services business and a great asset to clients.  Mike does not have to rely on modern technology alone to keep track of your situation or your assets, allowing him to focus on the 'big picture' when making recommendations. He sees how all the individual pieces of your finances can work together in the most efficient and effective way while simplifying even the most complex concepts.  

Organized, Highly Detailed, and Disciplined
Mike gets up at 5:00am every day and reviews each client’s account before hitting the gym or golf course.  He has an eye for detail and is highly organized and disciplined, enabling him to provide greater client attention, satisfaction and service.  Even his desk is always spotlessly clean and organized. For example, having a paperless office for the past 15 years, his judicial use of the latest technology, systems and processes help provide clarity, efficiency and accuracy in handling your funds. He can access your information and answer questions anytime, anywhere.

Always Responsive
Mike and his team have a “Same Day” phone call return policy and can always be reached via email.  When you hire Hood Financial, we never want you to have to worry about your money again.  If you have questions, read an article, or see something in the news, we encourage you to pick up the phone and call…That’s why we’re here!

Our “Family First” Philosophy
We believe in the importance of “Family First.” We take this responsibility very seriously, for both our family and yours. Everything we do is to help "Keep Families Together".  We enjoy meeting with and serving like-minded clients who share similar views and value God, Family, and Country.

Proud To Refer Us
You can take pride in your relationship with Hood Financial. Most of our business comes by way of referrals from both existing clients and other professionals. We’re never too busy to be a resource to your friends, family, neighbor, relatives, co-workers or others who may also need our expertise and guidance. Of course, anyone you refer will receive special attention and the finest service, beginning with a 10-15 Minute “Get Acquainted Call.”