"How To" Financial Solutions Checklist

The following is a partial list of sample 'how to' financial solutions we specialize in at Hood Financial.  Odds are, whatever your situation or concern, we can offer real solutions to help you feel comfortable, confident, and more in control of your finances.


Determine Your Net Worth
Create And Stick To A Budget
Take Control Of Your Finances
Create A Realistic Financial Plan
Monitor Cash Flow And Expenses
Create More Financial Peace Of Mind
Find Hidden Equity Among Your Assets
Get Organized And Stay Financially Focused
Reduce, Consolidate, & Simplify Your Financial Life
Downsize Your Home And Use Home Equity Wisely
Leverage The Use Of Technology With Your Finances
Reduce Number Of Accounts, Unproductive Relationships
Make The Right Decisions Financially When You’re Suddenly Single


Avoid Running Out of Money
Offset The Effects Of Inflation
Avoid Sequence Of Returns Risk
Know How Much You Can Spend
Know How Long Your Money Will Last
Maximize Your Social Security Benefits
Know What Assets To Spend Down First
Create & Enjoy A Worry-Free Retirement
Determine How Much Income You’ll Need
Create A Guaranteed Lifetime Income Plan
Plan For Major Health Care Related Expenses
Increase Your Odds Of Not Running Out Of Money
Safely Get More Lifetime Income Using Less Assets
Understand How Income Streams Work In Retirement
Take The Seven Common Retirement Risks Off The Table
Take Advantage of Tax-Free Retirement Income Strategies
Know The Best Social Security Claiming Strategies For You
Make The Most Of Your IRA Required Minimum Distributions
Choose The Right Pension Options To Maximize Your Benefits
Reduce And/Or Avoid Paying Taxes On Your Social Security Benefit
Successfully Navigate Retirement In Good, Bad, Or Sideways Markets


Properly Invest Your 401(k) Funds
Create A Realistic Retirement Plan
Pay Off Your House Before You Retire
Know When To Roll Your 401(k) Into An IRA
Avoid Common Retirement Planning Mistakes
Determine How Much You Need To Accumulate
Know If You’re On Track And When You Can Retire
Make The Most Of Your Employer Retirement Plans
Determine Whether To Work Part-Time During Retirement


Reduce Current Income Taxes
Avoid Capital Gains Tax Distributions Each Year
Know Which Tax Reduction Strategies Are Best For You
Know If Your CPA Is Saving You The Most Possible In Taxes
Sell Highly Appreciated Assets Without Paying Capital Gains Taxes
Assess Tax Deductions And Plan For Future Tax Liabilities In Retirement
Identify Ways To Eliminate/Reduce Taxes Throughout Retirement And At Death


Leave A Meaningful & Lasting Legacy
Design A Plan For Your Future Care Needs
Reduce Or Eliminate Altogether The Death Tax
Avoid Being A Financial Burden To Your Children
Avoid Leaving Money To Your Kids The Wrong Way
Know If Your Living Trust Is Protecting All Your Assets
Create A Plan To Care For Special Needs Beneficiaries
Avoid Having Uncle Sam As A Major Heir To Your Estate
Know If Your Estate Planning Documents Are Up To Date
Save Time And Money Before Meeting With Your Attorney
Use Special Trusts To Accomplish Your Estate Planning Goals
Avoid Common Asset Ownership & Beneficiary Designation Mistakes
Know If Your Estate Planning Attorney Has Drafted The Right Documents
Safely Pass The Value Of Your IRA To Your Spouse/Heirs Completely Tax-Free
Know The Best Strategies To Make Gifts To Charities Or Children/Grandchildren


Avoid Common Investment Mistakes
Determine Your Personal Risk Number
Safely Invest In Volatile Stock Markets
Determine Your Portfolio Risk Number
Enjoy Liquidity Without Sacrificing Growth
Choose The Right Financial Adviser For You
Invest Today For Retirement Income Tomorrow
Reduce Or Eliminate Portfolio Management Fees
Make More Informed Financial/Investment Decisions
Determine The Right Investments To Reach Your Goals
Know If You’re Paying Too Much For Investment Advice
Ensure That Your Adviser Is Acting In Your Best Interest
Prepare For & Safely Avoid The Next Stock Market Crash
Understand Tax Consequences Of Various Investment Strategies
Coordinate Investments For Risk, Tax Efficiency, & Greatest Return


Know How Much A Long Term Care Illness Will Cost
Properly Dispose Of Unneeded Life Insurance Policies
Know How Much Life Insurance Your Family Will Need
Protect Assets & Income From An Extended Care Illness
Protect Your Assets From Lawsuits, Taxes, & Market Losses
Properly Determine The Financial Needs Of Your Surviving Spouse