List of Services

Everything we do for our clients focuses on three major services; Financial Planning, Investment Management, and Asset Protection.  Almost everyone could stand to benefit from some additional help in these areas. 



Financial Planning is the process of organizing, evaluating and utilizing your financial resources to define and achieve your life goals.  Our plans may include any of the following ten items:

1. Retirement Income Planning
2. Social Security Planning
Retirement Accumulation Projections
Income Tax Analysis & Reduction
5. Goal Setting/Budgeting  
6. Cash Flow/Personal Net-Worth Analysis
7. Survivor Needs Planning  
8. Life Insurance/Annuity Review
9. Long Term Care Planning 
10. Estate Planning/Beneficiary Review

1. Retirement Income Planning- Consists of understanding how income streams work and the impact withdrawal rates and the sequence of returns can have on your retirement. We educate you on strategies to minimize these risks and show you how to create a lifetime of guaranteed, inflation adjusted income that is protected against market declines.

2. Social Security Planning- Evaluate how and when to claim your Social Security benefits based on your income needs, health and longevity, marital status, legacy goals, other income and assets.

3. Retirement Accumulation Projections- We help you answer the question, “How am I doing?” and even more important, “What more can I/we do?”  We identify the gap between how much you really need versus how much you’re projected to end up with using your current plan. Then we help you implement strategies to accumulate the wealth you need to accomplish your financial and retirement goals. 

4. Income Tax Analysis & Reduction- A thorough examination of your current tax scenario to help minimize your tax liability.  We also identify and help create opportunities to redirect cash flow savings created above into your retirement accounts.  Once retired, we help you to know which assets to draw down first…taxable, tax-deferred, or tax-free.

5. Goal Setting/Budgeting- Unless goals are written down in a clear, concise fashion, they tend to remain just ideas.  We write down and help you track your income, expenses, and financial goals.  We also discuss your values, the “why” behind each goal, giving you the meaning, motivation & focus needed to accomplish them.

6. Cash Flow/Personal Net-Worth Analysis- We help you create a plan to reduce debt, budget, and establish a savings plan.  We benchmark your balance sheet (assets minus liabilities).  Many people are surprised by their net worth because they’ve never seen it in black and white.

7. Survivor Needs Planning-  The loss of a spouse is perhaps one of the most traumatic experiences most of us will ever go through. We help create a plan today to show you how to financially take care of your loved one(s) in the event of your passing, including establishing a nest egg and creating an ongoing income. The goal is to reduce any unnecessary stress and help ensure financial security.

8. Life Insurance/Annuity Review- Often, clients have been oversold insurance by insurance agents.  Many times we can either reduce your coverage to a more suitable level, or obtain the same coverage for less premium, redirecting those savings into your retirement accounts.  We also explore alternative options for unneeded life insurance policies.  There are many types of annuities and knowing when and when not to use them can be an important key to success in your retirement planning.  We will do a thorough analysis of any existing annuities to make sure they are serving your goals appropriately.

9. Long Term Care Planning- While LTC can be a difficult topic to discuss, as a fiduciary who is bound by law to act in my client’s best interest, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about and offer affordable solutions which enable you to financially survive a potentially devastating health crisis. For those fortunate enough never to need care, unused funds previously allocated can be redirected for the benefit of yourself or other family members.

10. Estate Planning/Beneficiary Review- Don’t let Uncle Sam become your largest heir! Having a living trust alone is not enough to completely protect your estate. Leave what you want, to whom you want, when you want, by planning today, maximizing the transfer of your wealth and control while minimizing taxes.  We hold pre-legal planning sessions, saving you both time and money before meeting with an attorney.  We identify common inconsistencies between your estate planning documents and named beneficiary designations. We also offer special needs beneficiary planning.



Our fee-based Investment Management Service covers the day-to-day oversight of your investments.  Portfolios are designed to deliver growth, income, or a combination of both without compromising your desired level of safety.  Our guiding strategy is to identify those investments which have proven to provide consistently strong performance and stability with limited volatility.  Our services may include the following six items:

1. Personal Risk Profile 
2. Portfolio Audit Management Risk Profile
3. Institutional Quality Implementation 
4. Performance Based Fees
5. Ongoing Assessment & Periodic Rebalancing
6. Home Equity Maximization

1. Personal Risk Profile- Includes identifying your individual Personal Risk Number, investment needs and objectives, time horizon, investment preferences, and overall attitude towards investing.  This process helps you make better investment decisions while maximizing investment returns.

2. Portfolio Audit, Management & Risk Profile- Includes a complete audit of your existing investment portfolio, identify your Portfolio Risk Number and comparing it to your Personal Risk Number. We determine the overall suitability and appropriateness of existing investments.  Auditing may also uncover excess or overlapping fees, redundant holdings and inefficiencies which can rob you of potential returns.

3. Institutional Quality Implementation- Get access to institutional money management firms not normally available to individual investors, using a wide range of investment vehicles; from individual stocks and bonds, to mutual funds, annuities and ETF’s.  Using institutional money managers can often result in less fees, lower risk, and better returns.

4. Performance Based Fees- Unlike many advisors who charge you a management fee whether your portfolio goes up or down, we offer a completely unique approach which is more client centric.  We only get paid if you do.  If your account value goes up beyond a stated watermark, we charge a set percentage.  If it goes down, no management fee is charged.  (Certain eligibility requirements and account balance minimums may apply.  Call us for details)  

5. Ongoing Assessment & Periodic Rebalancing- Your portfolio is continually monitored to help ensure it remains consistent with your changing needs and goals.  We “manage the managers” to help make sure they stay within their stated objectives, rebalancing your portfolio when needed and provide you with monthly statements and reports.

6. Home Equity Maximization- For some clients, their primary residence is one of the biggest purchases they’ll ever make, but few consider this asset an important part of their investment portfolio.  As such, your home is often overlooked in the retirement planning and investment planning process.  We help you understand the important role home equity can play and develop appropriate strategies to help reach your retirement and investment goals, including: Refinancing, home equity lines of credit, reverse mortgages, or simply downsizing. 



There is nothing worse than working hard all your life to accumulate a comfortable retirement only to have it disappear due to taxes, long term illness, a health catastrophe or a prolonged legal battle.  Even worse is when Uncle Sam becomes your largest heir.  The sole objective of our Asset Protection Service is to help protect what you’ve built thus far, and continue to protect what we will accumulate together for your family in the future. 

For those clients who wish to pass along their values as well as their valuables when they die, we help create a true lasting legacy to direct your total wealth according to your wishes.  Charitable strategies are considered which allow you to give money to the charity of your choice while not reducing the inheritance for your family.  Income, capital gains, and estate taxes can also be reduced, minimized or eliminated altogether by using the existing tax laws to your benefit.

Please note: While we do not prepare tax returns or legal documents, we work closely with your CPA and Attorney for tax and legal assistance, providing a “one-stop-shopping experience” for all of your financial, insurance, investment, and estate planning needs.  For those clients who do not have an attorney or CPA, we recommend professionals in our area with whom we’ve had the professional pleasure to work.