How Long Will You Live?

Mike's grandmother lived to 106! 

Mike's grandmother lived to 106! 

It's no secret that people are living longer than ever before.  When my grandmother was born in 1904, the average female was expected to live to about age 50.  Today, it's more like age 85.  My grandmother passed away in 2011 just a few weeks shy of her 107th birthday!  (She always thought of herself as way above average, by the way!) 

Fortunately, she lived a full, rich, healthy, and happy life- right up until the end and never required significant care of any kind.  We recognize that others are not so lucky- this is why we do what we do.

Of all the risks you face in retirement, longevity can be the most devastating.  It's considered the 'mother of all risks' because the longer you live, the more likely you are to experience all the other risks that come with retirement.  For example, you could run out of money, or the markets could crash, or taxes and inflation could go up, or you could need long term care.

At Hood Financial, we take longevity risk very seriously and strive to prepare and position our clients for this risk in every plan we create.  So far, our oldest client has lived to be 103!  Could you become our oldest client?

How long will you live?  Take the quiz on this website to find out.  (By the way, when I took the quiz, it showed that I would also live to age 106.  So, I'm guessing I'll be around for many more years to serve you!)

If you're concerned about running out of money and the role increasing longevity could play in your retirement picture, give us a call today at 760-752-7848, email us here, or click on this calendar link to schedule a 10-15 minute "Get Acquainted" phone call so we can find out a little more about your situation and see how we might best be of service to you.

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