2nd Opinion/Review Service

Nowadays, it pays to get a 2nd opinion on just about everything- especially when it comes to your finances.  Just as you might have several doctors attending to you, it is not uncommon to also have several financial people working for you as well.  After all, no one person can have all the answers!  Below are some of the typical items we often include in our 2nd opinion/review service.  (Fees are based on the complexity of each individual situation)

1.  Goals Review
What goals do you have for lifestyle, liquidity, longevity, and legacy?  Are your current investment and financial arrangements aligned to support these goals or detract from them?  The more specific your vision of retirement is and the cost, the better we can determine how likely you are to reach those goals.

2.  Portfolio Review
Investing successfully means focusing first on the risk you take rather than the return you hope to make.  Our portfolio review begins with our Noble Prize-winning risk assessment tool which tells you if your investment risk is in line with your risk tolerance.  We then stress test your portfolio against past ‘black swan’ market events to see how it holds up.  We also look for tax inefficiencies, poor investment structures, overlapping holdings, excess fees, and other areas which can rob you of potential returns.

3.  Estate Planning Review
Will Uncle Sam be one of your biggest heirs?  He could be, and you may not be aware of it.  Even having an updated Living Trust will not protect all your assets.  With the recent passing of “The Secure Act”, many large IRA owners have been shocked to learn just how much of their intended legacy will now be further decimated by taxes.  The good news is, we can fix this.  We also review current beneficiary arrangements on all your assets for accuracy and estate planning congruency.

4.  Tax Review
Most people are overpaying their income taxes just because they do not know any better.  For some, paying taxes can actually be voluntary- depending on the nature of their investments and estate planning strategies.  We make sure you are taking advantage of all the tax laws allow while staying compliant.

 5.  Retirement Readiness Review
Will your money last as long as you do?  Will there be anything left?  How will volatile markets, rising taxes, and rising inflation affect your retirement?  What about rising health care costs?  And what if you should live a very long time or need extended care?  These are great questions to ask and no retirement plan is complete unless that plan provides you with the right answers.  We stress test your existing plan against these concerns to determine if you are fully prepared for what may come in the future.

6.  Summary of Findings
You will receive a summary of our findings and recommendations about what’s working and what’s not in your current planning.  You are under no obligation to use us to ‘fix’ these deficiencies, but of course we would be happy to partner with you in any way we can.  The fees paid for your 2nd Opinion/Review Service will be credited towards any future fees should you choose to engage us for implementation.